This is my procedural planet generator, which includes a procedural landscape generator system, procedural cloud generator, and customizable atmosphere.
The landscape system is the most complex part of it - I'm using several different custom node groups to first generate believable terrain, which is then filled with ocean up to a certain height level. 
After this, biomes are added in semi-randomized strips, with controllable latitude, removal, and width, using seamless color and displacement textures.
This landscape generator is based on several different node groups that are designed to be easily reconfigurable to produce different results - they connect to each other with a simple system of Color, Roughness, and Height channels, input parameters, and black and white masks.
One of the most time-consuming parts of this was creating the seamless color and height biome maps that are used with this generator. These were taken from real-life global imagery and processed using Substance Designer to create square, seamless textures with color, roughness, and height maps (see below).
This planet generator is available to purchase on Gumroad along with the landscape textures. A free selection of landscape textures is also available. See link:

Video demos:
Seamless biome textures
Limited selection shown here - 123 textures total including roughness and height maps, making up 41 unique biomes.
The node group system used to generate the surface texture

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