I made these designs and models for a space animation I planned but never finished because of time constraints. This spaceship was intended as a multi-purpose lander that would launch as a single-stage-to-orbit vehicle, and dock with a larger interstellar stage which would power its journey to other solar systems.
The design was intended as a cross between SpaceX's Starship and the Space Shuttle, with a futuristic twist. The launch pad was very much inspired by current NASA and SpaceX launch tech, complete with water-based noise suppression systems, water towers, a crew walkway, and fuel storage protected behind thick barriers.
The spacecraft itself included many elements from both the Space Shuttle and Starship; the white textured paint job, windows, bay doors, and overall shape reflect the Space Shuttle, but the folding wings and overall wing setup were directly inspired by Starship.
Although the modelling and texturing has aged compared to my more recent work, I'm still mostly happy with the overall designs and would be interested in continuing/restarting with a similar project in future if I can find the time.

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